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The Calcium (Ca ++) and Magnesium (Mg ++) are the two major role players in making the water hard. The hard water is undesirable because from it your house pipes can be clogged and it can also damage your electrical appliances (boiler, washing machines, showerheads, etc). The Water Softener helps to turn the water soft by removing the Calcium and Magnesium from the water.

So you can enjoy the Soft Water throughout your Home/Apartment. This Water can be used for Shower, For  Laundry, For Car Washing, For Floor Cleaning, and Cleaning the utensils.

These systems consist of the container into which the resin, the automatic control valve, and the mixing vessel are inserted. This unit is ideal for Villas, as it can be installed near to the main water tank supply.

It is all in one combination of filtration, purification, and softener for the whole house or Villa. It gives clean and soft water throughout your house by making water passes from the below mentioned three stages


Stage 1: Removes dirt, sediment, and suspended particles

Stage 2: Removes chlorine, heavy metals from the water and  improves taste and odor

Stage 3: Removes hard chemicals like calcium and magnesium (major cause of hardness in water) making water soft and scale free

Whole House Water Filter for the Home in Dubai

We offer one of the best Whole House Water Filter for the Home in Dubai. Our Whole house water filtration system connects to the main pipe line in your villa or home and it will filter water for all household uses. You can enjoy soft purified water for shower, laundry, and other uses.

Water Filter Companies in Dubai

We are happy to choose customers benefitting from one whole house water filter in Dubai, UAE. Customer safety is our top priority. A new natural RO water purifier with advanced Reverse Osmosis with UltraViolet technology is best suited for Dubai homes to do service with challenges in this pandemic with the 5-micron filter. The whole house water filter will not allow any form of toxins. We are one of the best Water Filter Companies in Dubai and the Supplier of Water Filters in Dubai

Water Softener / Soft Water Solution for Villa, House in Dubai-UAE

If you are looking for Water Softeners for house, villa in Dubai - UAE then YALLA TRADERS is one of the best suppliers of Water Softeners in Dubai. We have a water softener to fit every need and budget. Also we are one of the best Water Purification Company in UAE

Water is not safe direct from the tank, because it may contains dirty things including chlorine or other contaminants. Protect your family and kids from unsafe dirty water with our Water softner / soft water solution. It can Purify all incoming water to your house.
You can remove calcium, magnesium, and other minerals from hard water with our Water Softeners.

We have been committed to providing professional water purification solutions and RO water purifiers for people in the UAE to ensure quality and sustainability for a healthy life

YALLA Traders is the Drinking water solution provider in Dubai, UAE for House / Villa