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Our Goal

Our main goal is to not only provide functionality but also safety. After extensive research we offer not only the best equipment systems but an extensive range of chemicals that are all of the safest standard and non-harmful to not just us but the environment, keeping our services ecofriendly and sustainable to the environment.

Our Vision

We are passionate about the water that you drink. We want to revolutionize the Gulf into a place where every home, every building, and every business has top-of-the-line drinking water through our advanced technologies.

Ideally, every home will be saving money on bottled drinking water, be free of harmful bacteria, chemicals and viruses, and be of high quality and highly functional. Your hair and skin will look and feel better. We aim to transform your life!


Yalla Traders is powered by Idrees International LLC who are specialized in supplying the high-quality water purification equipment.

Our skills and knowledge about water chemistry enabled us to serve the products that perform well in various applications including, but not limited to residential, industrial, and commercial.

The success of Idrees International LLC has been possible with its continued focus on customer relationships and after-sales support. This has led to invaluable customer trust and loyalty towards the company.

We are dedicated to helping society improve quality of life by providing superior, durable, and innovative water purification products and services. We strive to develop mutually rewarding relationships with our customers, suppliers, and employees while demonstrating strong work ethics and professionalism at all times.

About Our Company